The advice intends to be efficient, appropriate and adapted to your specific situation.

The purpose is to compile a photo and video report complying with your needs and on site with the consent of the participants in order to identify areas of improvements.

We can develop and validate flows management plans adapted to your kitchen

We can devise « hygiene implementation plans » with the cleaning products you use in your facilities

We can also set up adapted logbooks (temperature recordings, delivery checks, cooling control, etc.,.)


An assessment is finally made supported by viewing such report so as to act promptly on observed mistakes and lapses.

Fields of activity


Hygiene and food safety

We assist you to ensure safety, cleanliness of your facilities and food processing at all production stages

Work safety

We undertake to assist you with the various principles to apply so as to avoid or limit daily risks of accidents

Infrastructure and equipments

We check how your fixtures operate as well as their conformity to ensure the satisfactory run of your facilities

Cleaning and sanitation

We proceed with on site check and review methods to achieve the proper cleaning of your facilities

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